A Beginning of Something: The Boulder Mountain Lair

August 23, 2013 – 9:49 PM – Boulder, Colorado – The Lair

Recently clothed in sweats after our nightly hot tub wine session, H, K and I are laying in my candle lit bedroom, listening to Kenzie’s Yoga playlist and half watching the flicker of city lights as we Facebook stalk a friend. We need content to fuel our gossip session. The Facebook stalking only lasts so long before our attention moves to Tinder and we are left wondering what the fuck happened to all of the hot guys in Boulder. We recently challenged Cuiksa to a Tinder weird-off and the lack of solid competitors has us worried.

How did we get here?

Dagmara N and H at Jackson Hole Compound WyomingApproximately 5 months ago following our March ski trip to N’s Jackson Hole compound, N and I were laying in bed at Candy Mountain arriving at the conclusion that, much like H and I do, we hated being apart. I suppose more than that, I hated leaving Candy Mountain to visit N at his frat house: “The Mansion.” Knowing that H would soon be returning to make our happy two-sum an even happier three-sum, we decided it was time to move in together. The only problem was that N had Shine, a restaurant/brewery/event space that required his physical presence in Boulder on a regular basis. Not having been able to convince N to ditch his business and come travel the world with me, I conceded to comprise my passion for mountain towns and make a partial move back to Boulder, a place I had previously attempted living to no avail.

You may be wondering how I could possibly find issue with a great suburb like Boulder and the simple answer is its high population density. Long story short, I needed a solution that would both feel like a mountain home and be located close enough to downtown Boulder (now about 8 minutes away) to allow N easy access to Shine. Having become partial to scenic and large plots of land in unpopulated areas like Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, I needed a secluded place on a hiking trail that I never had to leave. I wanted open space with natural views, and I didn’t want to see neighbors, houses, people or cars. So, just as so many months ago I had written the requirements for my most complementary partner and found N, I consulted the magic journal, wrote down my vision for our perfect home and a few weeks later we found The Lair on Zillow. N contacted the selling agent, we became biffies, re-read a few pertinent chapters in my favorite psychology books, negotiated a great deal, and N bought a mountain lair.Dag and Kelvin at the Lair Boulder Mountain House Colorado Kelvin and Rainy at the Boulder Mountain Lair Colorado HomeThe Lair Boulder Colorado Mountain House

H at the Boulder Mountain Lair Colorado BackyardDag Chillaxin at the Boulder Mountain Lair Colorado Home

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