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Antler Jewelry | My Not So New Obsession

Antler Jewelry from Cannelita Handmade by Dennae Tirrell

Antler jewelry? Yes. Don’t worry, it’s vegan, gluten-free, and organic, and it all started a couple of years ago, when as you may recall, I had the great fortune of rooming with Missoula’s Martha Stewart – Miss Dennae Tirrel – great artisan of the wild west and the woman behind Cannelita Jewelry. Back in those days, Cannelita – her now flourishing line of beautifully unique handmade jewelry – was not yet a concept and Dennae spent her days weaving rugs, painting surfboards, making salt scrubs, and designing succulent terrariums. Then, one day she came home from the woods with a treasure: deer sheds a.k.a. antlers and Cannelita was born. Getting out her goggles and saw, Dennae immediately embarked on an R&D adventure that ultimately brought her here.

Antler NecklaceAntler Rings and Antler Necklace Pendants

Antler Jewelryantler-necklace-and-unique-handmade-jewelry-by-cannelita

Handmade Antler Necklace PendantsAntler Necklace PendantsAntler Necklace with Turquoise and Leather Wrist CuffAntler Necklace from Cannelita Jewelry by Dennae TirrellUnique Handmade Jewelry by CannelitaHandmade Jewelry Gold Feather Necklace

Antler Necklace by Cannelita Handmade Jewelry

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