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Chase Your Own Big Dreams

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough (mine usually inspire fear in both myself and the people around me).

Welcome to MontanaPit Bull Kelvin in the Car

The key to dreaming large is first finding what excites you. At this particular point in time, my excitement tends to revolve around the untouched beauty of the great American west and especially Montana, whose wide open westness few places can compare to.

Kelvin Trapper Peak Summit Montana Bitterroot RangeThe Bitterroot Mountain Range Montana

Once you have formed a relative idea of what gets your juices flowing, start the chase. If you are anything like myself or the millenials with whom I spend my time, the beauty of attaining your big goals will not lie in the reward at the end (retirement or a hefty payout for instance), but rather in the thrill of the chase itself, because for us, the excitement hides just beyond the attainable. It’s the unattainable that drives us to progress.

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