DIY Teething Toys for Puppies and Baby Wolves

Dinah Chewing Her Natural Teething Toy for Dogs


Pros: Free, Fragrant, Teeth Cleansing, Breath Freshening, Available in Many Varieties
Cons: Messy

Baby Dinah and Pit Bull Kelvin Cuddling in BedOur cutest of flesh eating leeches with fur is teething and we’re shoving whatever we can fit into her busy mouth because if you know anything about puppies, then you know that their biting, like depression on pills, only gets worse before it gets better.

Dinah German Shepherd Husky Blue Eyes

If they aren’t sleeping, puppies are tearing shit up, and unless you procure a great variety of somethings to satisfy their achy jowls, your limbs, shoes, and phone chargers are likely to become the objects of their unremitting oral explorations.

DIY Dog teething toyTo avoid becoming Dinah’s deliciously fleshy teething toys, we keep bones and stuffed animals within arms reach of everywhere.

Puppy Teething Sticks in the HouseUsing these to escape her sharp advances only goes so far, however, because when it comes to teething, bones are too hard, stuffies are too soft, and the chemi plastic teething toys from stores make my inner hypochondriac flare up. I need a natural teething toy that isn’t going to leach toxins into Dinah’s developing dog body.

Husky GSD Mix Puppy Dreamy Dinah

We were at my parents in 8 degree Fahrenheit Cleveland (it was cold) at the time of my first teething toy search, and more than anything, I really didn’t feel like driving to Pet People. I thus asked myself what wolf pups would do in the wild and concluded that they must obviously chew sticks. Right? Unlike many of my theories, I have yet to research this one, so educate me if I’m wrong, but what could be more natural and perfectly textured than sticks and branches from the great outdoors? Nothing.

Natural Stick Teething Toy for Puppies

So, here we are with a house of shredded branch parts, because trying to cordon Dinah’s stick play to a single area has proven futile. My mom was not so stoked at this failure to keep the wood under control, but having finally returned to Missoula, the wood chips around our home have become a relative non-issue (free mulch?). Plus, Dinah’s breath smells like fresh pine.


Do you think baby wolves teeth on sticks? Have you had a teething puppy before? How did you deal with their incessant biting?

Baby Dinah GSD husky mix 8 weeks

Happy chewing and if you want to see more Dinah check out Dinah Goes to the Beach and Meet Wolf Baby Dinah!

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