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Explore Montana: Lost in the Bitterroot Mountains

Mia the White German Shepherd Bitterroot Mountains Montana

With their sharp peaks and sunny valleys, the Bitterroot mountains are a must-see spot for Missoula visitors. So, when Dany and Alex were in town with the girls last week, that is precisely where we took them. Our destination was the Glen Lake trailhead. However, somewhere along our way we took a wrong turn and ended up on a trail to nowhere.
Bitterroot Mountain Range Montana

Told these two to look natural, instead they did this…

Hiking Montana in the Bitterroot Mountain Range

Luckily, thanks to an intrusion of molten magma pumping through the earth’s core some 70 million years ago and a few subsequent glaciers, the Bitterroot range is chock full of impressive jagged peaks separated by U-shaped valleys, making for awesome views from just about anywhere in the range. Sapphire Range from the Bitterroot Mountains Montana

When the trail came to a sad conclusion, we bush whacked to the top, had baguette with cheese, salami, fruit and chocolate for lunch, and got our special guests a dose of epic Bitterroot scenery.Montana Bitterroot Mountains Cairn

We found a cairn. Cairns are used as trail markers (i.e. lifesavers).

White German Shepherd Mia and Alex Hiking in the Bitterroot Mountains Montana

Kona the Husky Mix Hiking in the Bitterroot Mountains MontanaHiking the Bitterroot Mountain Range Montana

White German Shepherd Mia Bitterroot Mountain Range MontanaDany and Kelvin Lost in the Bitterroot with a Cairn MontanaWhite Fluffy Dogs in the Bitterroot Mountains Montana