The German Shepherd Husky Mix: Meet Wolf Baby Dinah

Our new puppy’s mutt lineage has seemingly become something of a fad. Unbeknownst to my earlier self, the phrase “German Shepherd Husky Mix” receives an approximate 14,800 Google search queries per month. Trailed closely by “Husky German Shepherd Mix,” which gets about 8,100 monthly searches, and followed by a slew of other related terms, Dinah’s genetic blood line appears to be a highly sought after combo pack. In fact, enthusiasts of the Husky and German Shepherd Mix have even given the breed a name, dubbing the beautiful hybrid a Gerberian Shepsky.

Husky German Shepherd Pup Dinah

Although breeding the powerful and heroic German Shepherd dog with the resiliently elusive blue-eyed wolf creature from Siberia is in retrospect a brilliant idea, I had not considered it as a puppy possibility until serendipitously stumbling upon what we’ve been told is our very own mutt version of a Husky German Shepherd wolf dog pup. Both supremely intelligent working dogs, the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky are amazingly versatile, strong, independent and excellent for traversing mountain miles in backcountry winter conditions.

Baby Dinah Husky Puppy at Lake Erie Beach

Dinah, The Christmas Puppy

Despite everyone’s better judgement, I have wanted a second dog baby ever since picking up 6 week old Kelvin nearly four and a half years ago in late summer of 2010.

PitBull Puppy Photos Baby Kelvin at Lake Erie Beach

However, thanks to my friends’ sharing of their own fur pals and several years of mildly homeless adventuring, I held out from enlarging our pack of two for what might as well have been forever. That is, until a couple of weeks ago when I could hold no longer. My motherly instincts craved satisfaction and it seemed that the only logical way to appease them would be a Dog Baby Number 2. So, on the evening before our drive home to Cleveland, as we sat at Missoula’s favorite beverage spot, the Montgomery Distillery, searching Pet Finder in the Cleveland area, David suggested that I check Bozeman too. It was, after all, on our way.

We were searching for a female with fur that wouldn’t require dog jackets. Unfortunately, Cleveland’s puppies were majorly short-haired, while Missoula’s were relatively non-existent. As if by a brilliant stroke of fate, however, a man from the Billings area had just dropped off an almost 7 week old litter of German Shepherd Husky Mix mutt pups.

Husky German Shepherd Mix Puppy in Billings

Driving east on Interstate 90, Billings is about 5 hours from our home in Missoula, and since we were going to be driving through the area while heading home for the holidays, swinging by to pick up the litter’s only female happened to be ever so conveniently on the way. Approximately 18 hours from the time we saw her photo on PetFinder, 7-week old Dinah had rather loudly and questionably joined our lot on her very first road trip adventure ever. She was not amused.

German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix Pup Laying on Pit Bull

Neither was Kelvin. While mine and David’s stoke was high and rising, Pit Bull Kelvin the elder child was enthusiastically un-thrilled with our choice for what was supposed to be his new playmate. After days of promising him a friend, we instead procured this ridiculously sized whiny skunk baby that bites, cries and steals almost every last bit of the human attention that was formerly his, and his alone. Explaining to your first dog child that your second dog baby is a German Shepherd Husky mix who will soon get bigger, less annoying, and easier to play with is a serious challenge. A challenge we are still overcoming.

Baby Dinah Shepherd Husky Mix with Dag

So, about 2 days and approximately, 1,577 miles after being unceremoniously separated from her brothers at the shelter Dinah arrived at her Grandparents’ house. “Surprise, mom and dad!”

Billings to Westlake Map

Like Kelvin, my parents were less than thrilled to welcome the baby Dinah into our family. Luckily, the challenge of resisting a puppy’s rambunctious affection is far too great. I would venture so far as to say that it is in fact all but impossible. Therefore, as I had expected, it did not take our puppy very long to win them over, because even the coldest of dead hearts would melt at Dinah’s penetrating baby blue gaze.

Blue Eyes Husky Shepherd Mix Dinah Puppy

Following the winning over of her grandparents, our wild child Shepherd Husky pup spent her first few days exploring the not so wild west side of Cleveland and meeting her numerous new aunts and uncles. Needless to say, she has already stolen countless hearts, and judging by her growing determination, is sure to capture several more.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy and Pit Bull at Metroparks

Except for Kelvin’s heart, that is, which remains rather stoically unaffected.

Pit Bull Kelvin and Puppy Dinah at the Beach Lake Erie

With a sort of adult patience, the likes of which he has rarely displayed, Kelvin has made his best effort to ignore her. His gravely serious, mopey looks of utter distaste seem to encompass about all the enthusiasm he feels for his new sister.

It’s only a matter of time though I expect, as his reluctant acceptance is ever so occasionally beginning to give way to Kelvin’s form of playful affection.

Dinah’s beach photos are courtesy of her Uncle Ryan.

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