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Hanging Out in Missoula Montana

One thing I’ve learned since moving to Missoula is that in accordance with the pervasive island lifestyle atmosphere, people really like to chill here. The following is a little of what we’ve been up to and what you could expect on an average day in Missoula, Montana.

1. Kick it at Kiwanis Park

Just along the riverside bike path, Kiwanis park is a right old spot to grab some brews and chill in peace circles with your friends.

Things to Do in Missoula Beach Volleyball at Kiwanis

Volleyball is all the rage here.

Paella in the Park Things to do in Missoula at Kiwanis Park

I’m pretty sure its a bring your own grill type of place. Dennae and Ron transported a charcoal grill from the house and like a proper woman Dennae busted out an impressively fantastic paella in the cast iron skillet. It was the first time I witnessed rice cooking uncovered over a charcoal fire and it was the bomb.

Things to do in Missoula Beach Volleyball at Kiwanis Park with Dennae and Corgie

Also, if you don’t have your own dog, Kiwanis park is a great spot to hug other people’s dogs.

2. Film in Slow Motion

Chilling in Missoula with Hi-Line Films and the Sony FS700 Coffee Slow Mo

Ronuk and Ben of Hi-Line Films recently splurged on a new Sony FS700, which has such a bomb slow-mo mode that it makes everything from pouring coffee to throwing bread at your dog look like the shit.

Hanging Out in Missoula Montana Hi-Line Films FS700 Doggie Slow Mo

3. Yoga in the Streets (the Sunday Streets that is)

Things to do in Missoula Yoga in the Streets Sunday Streets

The streets closed for an event called Sunday Streets and as you can see a lot of this happened.

4. Rock Out to Heavy Metal in Sweet DIY Dress

Things to do in Missoula Heavy Metal Shows with Men Who Love to DIY

I lost my heavy metal show virginity the other night and alongside a whole crowd of men in DIY optimized clothing, I met this group of proud young men who showed me all their killer DIY craftiness – yeah bruhs.

4. Chill at the Edge of the World

Things to do in Missoula Sunday Streets at Edge of the World

It’s not every day that there’s a faux skate park complete with judges and prizes occupying the street in front of the Edge of the World shop, but on most days you can still go chill there and occupy the beautiful Miss Samantha.

5. Don’t Miss The Last Best Film Fest (Coming October 17-19th, 2014)

Along with a host of local sponsors including Ron at Big Hip Snowboards and the boys at LBSnow, Hi-Line Films is putting on the Last Best Film Fest. Select films will play at The Wilma Theatre and Caras Park in downtown Missoula, MT on October 17-19th, 2014. So submit your outdoor adventure film for a chance to win over $10,000 in cash and prizes.