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To Heal a Broken Heart, Give Life to Something New

Breakups are always challenging, but spring is an ideal time for change because it’s almost impossible to resist feeling happy while surrounded by new life, mountains, friends and sunshine. Thus, having moved through the initial stages of realization, denial, sadness, anger, and letting go, N and I followed in the natural progression of our own healing process by planting a raspberry bush near our creek.

Planting a Raspberry Bush Creekside Kelvin Digging Hole

N and Pit Bull Kelvin Planting Raspberry Bush Creekside at the Boulder Lair

It’s never easy to leave the ones we love, yet to truly feel happy we must forge our own paths and create relationships that work for us. For N and I that meant tearing down the walls of our existing relationship and setting a healthy foundation for building a different kind of friendship from the ground up. In essence, I suppose that giving life to a plant, which will fruit for years to come, allowed us to embrace the beauty of that analogy in our own lives.

N and Pit Bull Kelvin at the Boulder Lair in Sunshine Canyon Planting Raspberry Bush Creekside

So, here’s to happy endings, new beginnings and a lifetime of delicious organic raspberries.

N and Kelvin Watering Raspberry Bush at the Sunshine Canyon Boulder Lair Creek