Life is an Act of Revision

Dag and Kelvin Spring Creek Trail Rock Creek Montana

Like all great stories, our lives are acts of constant motion wherein we, the protagonist, must change with every scene, progressing ever forward towards the goals that propel our journey and revising our plans along the way.

Rock Creek Montana Spring Creek Trail Hike Dagmara Mach

When I was a little girl and people asked who I hoped to become as an adult, I told them I wanted to be Smurfette. Soon, however, experience led me to realize that worthier aspirations existed. In accordance, I made a series of subsequent plans to pursue future careers ranging from teacher, banker, and lawyer, to trophy wife, psychologist, The Polish-American El Chapo and numerous other paths along the way. Today, however, my goal has become both simpler and more complex than ever: to find myself.

To Find Our Life's Direction We Must First Know Who We Ourselves Are

So, in this chapter, Kelvin and I have returned to ground ourselves in the Promised Land (i.e. Montana).

Dagmara Mach Spring Creek Trail Rock Creek Montana

To where will the journey take us next? No one can say, but it’s possible we may already be here.