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Life Hacks: Improve Your Focus with The Isolator

Science and Invention Magazine The Isolator by Hugo Gernsback

Are you having trouble concentrating? It’s 2014, who isn’t? This nifty helmet for improving focus and concentration was invented in 1925 by editor of Science and Invention magazine, member of “The American Physical Society,” and one of the pioneers of science fiction Hugo Gernsback. Intended to boost productivity while reading and writing the contraption renders the wearer deaf, pipes them full of oxygen, and limits their vision to a tiny horizontal slit through which only a single line of text can be seen. The approach of eliminating all outside stimuli has obvious setbacks like being left unable to react to things such as fires or burglars. Unsurprisingly, the Science and Invention magazine didn’t last too long and Hugo soon moved on to his real passion of science fiction.
The Isolator Helmet for Improving Focus by Hugo Gernsback