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#ManServants: What Women Really Want

The man servant business is so brilliantly simple that I’m surprised it took this long to be commercialized. I can see these being a hit for every age group from spoiled teens in need a of a chaperone that will take care of mom after curfew to 90 year old grandmas enjoying young Adonises during the best years of their lives. Few women out there can argue that this isn’t the best idea since washing machines and I’m personally stoked at this wonderful turn in the human rental arena.

Man Servants San Francisco

If you live in San Francisco, Man Servants will be available for hire after September 1st. They can be casted for appearance based on any delicious male specimen preferences of your choosing and their purpose is to serve you hand and foot. You can dress them and even give them a name of your preference. If you need a ride to the club, a body guard to ward off douche bags, or a just a sexy mountain man to take selfies of you and your girlfriends, these are your guys. Get yours at