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Protein Bars for Meat Lovers: A Bricks Bars Review

What Are Bricks Bars Paleo Meat Bars

Bricks Bar Review Quick Facts:

Overview: Grass fed Paleo bar with veggies, fruit and seeds

The Good: Beef jerky-like in texture, minimally processed, organic where it matters, easy, high in protein

The Bad: Not available in stores yet?

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Try it yourself:

 Bricks Paleo Bars Grass Fed Beef

Bricks Bar Taste Test

Knowing everything we thought we knew about meat bars, my roommate Dennae and I were not going into this with high hopes. Since their arrival a few days prior, the Bricks bars had been burning a hole in our the coffee table, begging us to try them. Due their power-fuel-for-the-outdoors nature, we attempted waiting for a nice enough day to really give them a go. We, however, could not wait any longer and after several days of rain followed by snow and teen temperatures with severe wind chills, Dennae and I decided to brave the elements and headed for the great outdoors. That is, until about 10 minutes into our uphill trot, at which point, we reconsidered the meat bar plan and heading back for the warmth of the Subaru, proceeded to try it anyway.

Bricks Meat Paleo Bars

First Meat Bar Reactions:

  • the cranberry sweetness
  • I just want to keep eating it
  • really good
  • a spiciness
  • not like chewed up bird food

Bricks Paleo Bar Grass Fed Meat With Cranberry

As it turns out, the epic BRICKS meat bar (not to be confused with the not-so-epic EPIC meat bar), was everything we imagined it wouldn’t be: jerky-like meat treat with a hint of sweetness, bacon (and you know how I feel about bacon), a twinge of spicy, and a texture that doesn’t feel like chewed up bird food. Essentially, a happy ending to our quest for an easy on-mountain bar that isn’t packed with sugar and won’t get digested within 20 minutes of its consumption.

New Meat Paleo Bar Bricks Review

What Are Bricks Bars?

Bricks Bars are on-the-go meat, fruit, seed and nut protein bars for people who don’t have time to feed themselves. Especially people on a Paleo diet. Packed with Omega 3s, CLA, beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals each bar delivers 10 grams of proteins and sustained energy for a fast-paced life.

Dennae Eating Paleo Bricks Bar in Missoula

The Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef Bar

Michael and Michelle Williams, the people behind Bricks bars, are label readers. As such, they use only clean, premium ingredients free of antibiotics, soy, grains, and gluten.Often, cows who spend much of their life eating grass are fattened up last minute with corn or grain to be sold for a greater profit. However, unlike many who claim grass-fed beefiness, Michael Williams has assured me that the cows sourced by Bricks have been both grass fed and grass finished. As ruminants, cows are able to obtain nutrients from plants by fermenting them in a specialized, pre-digestive stomach called the rumen, which produces a nutrient dense protein when it digests grass. Research shows that the meat of cows who have been fed grass is not only leaner, but also contains a higher percentage of heady fats (Omega 3s, CLA), antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Bricks Paleo bars Ingredients

Bricks Paleo Bars Nutritional Information

Paleo Bars are AwesomeDogs Love Bricks Paleo Bars

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