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Roads of the Future: Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways Set Crowdfunding Record

Meet the recycled material-based smart solar panel lined roads that melt snow and cut greenhouse gases by 75 percent.

Initially funded by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration as a research project to design a paving system that will pay for itself over its lifespan, the Idaho couple behind Solar Roadways have apparently set a crowdfunding record in this second phase of funding on Indiegogo. With 22 days left, the project has already racked up over 38,392 individual backers (as of this writing on Friday) and a whopping $1,654,473 USD!

Solar Roadways Project

Artist’s rendition of Sandpoint, Idaho – Home of Solar Roadways
Graphic artist: Sam Cornett

To make your mark and donate visit the Solar Roadways Funding Campain on Indiegogo.