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Stanton Lake, The Great Bear Wilderness

At the end of Dany and Alex’s visit a few weeks ago we capstoned our time together with a mild 1 mile hike up to the glacial beaches of beautiful Stanton Lake. I haven’t actually been able to confirm whether or not Stanton Lake was in fact formed by glaciers, but considering its location I think it’s pretty safe to assume that it was.Dany at Stanton Lake Great Bear Wilderness Flathead Range Montana

The spot was what you’d expect on your average Montana hike in this neck of the woods. Gorgeous mountain views, ice cold water, plenty of insects and your typical jolly good time. Located in the Great Bear Wilderness on the southern boundary of Glacier National Park, the area is equipped with some rock circles for fire pits and makes for a beautifully simple and easy to access overnight venue. Since dogs aren’t welcome past the tourist trap boundaries of the National Park, it’s a good area to venture through if you have them.

Dany and the Gang at Stanton Lake in the Great Bear Wilderness Montana USA

Following several nights of evening shenanigans and our slightly harrowing adventure up Ousel Peak, a chill session by the water was just what we needed before we once again parted ways and returned to reality.

Mia in Stanton Lake Great Bear Wilderness Montana USA