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TomTom® Adventurer Watch | Data For Your Every Move

TomTom GPS Watch Adventurer Review

Having never been a huge fan of Fitbits or smart watches, I was slightly hesitant when first approached with an opportunity to test out the TomTom® Adventurer watch. Unable to resist the lure of playing with a new piece of technology, however, I challenged my premonitions and accepted. Here is how it went.

The TomTom® watch arrived a few weeks before Christmas during what happened to be my busiest work month of the year. Therefore, my adventures with it have thus far been limited and I look forward to hitting the trails with its GPS map features next summer.

Out of the box, the TomTom® Adventurer comes with a TomTom® specific USB charger, some over the ear Bluetooth headphones, and a soft, highly flexible rubber wrist strap in bright orange.

Fully committed, because the TomTom® watch doesn’t have an off switch, I power on and download the MySports app to my Mac and iPhone, fill in my personal information like sex, age, height, weight, etc and we’re off to the races… or the shower. The TomTom® Adventurer is water resistant up to forty meters, so I set this baby into Freestyle mode and walk 0.01 miles from my living room to the bathroom experiencing a one-foot drop in altitude and burning three calories. Studying statistics in college made me a sucker for data so despite my initial misgivings I’m starting to like this thing.

TomTom® Adventurer Outdoor GPS Watch Features

Music Player

Sync with your iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists to adventure with 3GB or about 500 songs strapped firmly to your wrist. Just pair it with your favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones for around 56 hours of on the go jams wherever life takes you.

Multi-Sport Tracking

TomTom Watch Multi Sport Tracking

The TomTom® Adventurer comes with several modes that allow you to track a variety of athletic pursuits including running, treadmill, trail running, hiking, cycling, stationary biking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, gym workouts, freestyle, and stopwatch mode. Skiing and snowboarding modes come with automatic lift detection so you can accurately measure your descents.

Tom Tom Watch Skiing Snowboarding

Real-Time Information: Altitude, Ascent, 3D Distance, Descent, Heart Rate, Caloric Burn

TomTom Watch Altitude Meter

I love knowing how high I am so the TomTom®’ Adventurer’s barometric altimeter is a personal favorite feature as it shows me my elevation at any given moment and tracks altitude changes while I’m on the move.

TomTom Altimeter

The built-in heart rate monitor measures pulse providing the instant feedback needed to adventure more efficiently and ensuring I get the recommended daily dose of aerobic activity.

TomTom Watch Heart Rate Monitor

The TomTom® Adventurer watch lets you know your five heart rate zones, see how your pulse changes throughout the day and watch your resting heart rate as an indicator of how fit you are. The lower your resting heart rate, the better shape you’re in. Measuring heart rate allows you to track the intensity of your workout as well as to compare levels of effort across time allowing you to track your progress.

TomTom GPS Watch 3D Distance

TomTom®’s real-time information metrics also allow for tracking caloric burn and 3D distance, telling you how far you’ve traveled to the tenth of a mile.

Graphical Data Summaries

Plug your TomTom® into the computer or connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth to sync data with TomTom®’s MySports App and view graphical adventure summaries from the comfort of an easy to use dashboard.

TomTom My Sports Smart Watch DashboardTomTom Watch Heart Rate Monitor Chart

GPS Trail Mapping

TomTom GPS Watch Trail Exploration

Make your own trails and save them for later or download .gpx map files from databases like and upload them to your TomTom® to explore new trails, keep track of where you are, and find your way back using GPS.

TomTom GPS Watch Trail Map

I Love My TomTom® Watch


TomTom GPS Watch Calorie Tracker

Life is a never-ending adventure, and tracking each piece of it is currently providing me with endless satisfaction. From finding my way back when I deviate from the trail to notifying my other half that his mess in the sink shoots my heart rate up to 145 BPM, and making sure I supplement my caloric burn with enough chocolate, I’m finding great new uses for the TomTom® watch all the time. So, despite my initial hesitance, I have to admit I’m a TomTom® watch convert.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of TomTom. The opinions and text are all mine.