Dark Academia Clothing

Dark Academia clothing style draws inspiration from art as well as classical historical fashions with a focus on texture, layering, and symbolic meaning. 

Medieval Gothic, Renaissance, Romantic, Rococo, and Victorian, and fashion styles all influence the clothing designs, which favor scholarly and whimsical cuts that give a nod to old-world elegance.

Artsy Dark Academia Style Aesthetic Fashion Models wearing silk shirts and accessories in a fall flower garden.

Enlightened, Empowered, Erudite

Darkest Academia Fashion Mens Womens Clothing Aesthetic Outfits on Male and Female Model sitting in gothic architecture librrary building
Dark Academia Aesthetic Womens and Mens Fashion Models Wearing Tweed and Hats in front of a Gothic Architecture Building in the fall
Mens Dark Academia Fashion model wearing a black button down shirt, gray blazer, sunglasses, and hat with gold necklace stands next to a Womens Dark Academia Fashion model wearing a brown wool hat, sunglasses, a brown blazer, a tie and white shirt. The pair stand in front of an old Gothic architecture building in the fall.
The Dark Academia Fashion aesthetic includes tweed, corduroy, and other traditional fabrics such as silk, cotton and wool, vintage or vintage-inspired clothing, and clothing in dark vibrant colors such as royal blue, obsidian, plum purple, forest green, and burgundy.

Dark Academia Clothes

Key pieces include traditional Ivy League tweed jackets, flowing pleated skirts for ladies, oxford shoes, and oversized knitwear like cardigans, vests, and wool blazers.

Preppy Dark Academia Outfits with a male model and a female model wearing glasses and Gothic Medieval Style Wool Sweaters with an old Building in the background
Dark Academia Clothes on a Male Fashion Model wearing a sweater with black pants and a female fashion model wearing a yellow gothic pattern sweater with purple pants. The pair stands in an old Dark Academia library with art in the background.
Dark Academia Fashion Mens Clothing Aesthetic Outfits on Male and Female Model standing in front of a dark academia building

Old books, skulls, and maps, may be worn or carried as accessories. So can pocket watches, spectacles, scarfs, statement antique jewelry, and leather-bound journals.

Understated, simple jewelry with a focus on gemstones, pearls, delicate pendants, cameo pins, and vintage-inspired brooches complements the look.


Dark Academia



During Medieval Gothic and Renaissance times, animal art held deeper meanings and higher symbolism.

Birds, mystical messengers, traversing sacred skies, carry the secrets of the gods.


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