Woman sleeping with cat

Who knew the magical power of a cat’s purr? Not only can it be used to communicate, but its vibrations also have special healing powers! From stimulating bone growth & releasing those “happy hormones”, all the way to anti-inflammatory and stem cell formation – that feline snuggle sesh looks like more than just an adorable cuddle.

Research suggests that cat lovers can improve their health outcomes and even trigger weight loss merely by viewing cute cat photos. Looking at cat pictures has biological benefits!

Cats are believed to have evolved from a wild ancestor called the African wildcat.

Italian cats came to Italy from Egypt. Brought to Italy and spread throughout Europe by Roman armies, Italian cats were first worshipped and beloved, then vilified and murdered during the medieval ages and early Renaissance.

Free kitty wallpapers for your phone and free illustrations for your projects.

Italy’s other fav cat breed, Siamese are known for calm and gentle natures. They love cuddling.

Italy’s favorite cat breed, Persians are known for calm and gentle natures. They love cuddling.

Who really domesticated cats? Egyptian cats are some of the oldest domesticated cats in existence. Learn about these fascinating felines and the role they played in human history.

One of the oldest breeds of domestic cat, Egyptian Chausies are known for their striking, “wild” appearance

The Egyptian Mau is a breed of domestic cat that is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt.


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