Benefits of Beets Soup Image With Bowl of Borsch or Barszcz

Get the latest beet science, plus a full history of this ruby red root. 

Research suggests that cat lovers can improve their health outcomes and even trigger weight loss merely by viewing cute cat photos.

Looking for the best face moisturizer? Look no further. We’ve rounded up our top picks to hydrate, nourish and protect your skin.

Sex burns calories, and boosts metabolism even after you’re done doing it.

Some of ginger’s most notable include reducing nausea and vomiting, reducing muscle pain and soreness, decreasing menstrual pain, and lowering blood sugar levels.
Studies show that dopamine is released during sex and orgasm. As a result, sex not only feels great, but can also motivate you into action and give you energy.

Research suggests that the vibrations produced by cats purring have healing properties that help both cats and humans to heal, and recover from injuries.

Dopamine acts on brain receptors that help control food intake and energy expenditure in a key metabolic brain region.

The release of dopamine in the brain is associated with several health benefits including improved mood and motivation, increased focus and attention, better motor control, regulated appetite, improved sexual function, and improved ability to lose weight.

Bone marrow, a.k.a. the buttery stuff found inside of bones that we usually feed to our dogs is not only delicious when baked but also rich in minerals and essential nutrients that help boost skin health, mobility, brain function, and much more.


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